photo by:  @imtiazcc

photo by: @imtiazcc


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My name is Charles Holt, and this is where I showcase my work:

Photography / Music Production / Musician / Mixing Engineer / Art Design / Creative Advisor

I was born in Houston, TX and raised in Brazil, my mother’s native country. I toured with different bands in Brazil as a percussionist, which led me to learn to play multiple instruments. I’ve also lived in Louisiana, Miami, and New York. During my time in New York I fell in love with photography. I recall the difficulty I faced in choosing whether I would spend my money on photography classes, or on my first major camera. I chose the camera, and was fortunate enough to assist fashion photographers Nicolas Padron and Filippo Del Vita early in my career. I learned a lot by observing them and will always be grateful for the opportunity. 

I'm currently based in Houston, TX taking photographs for a range of clients, and as a producer working with various artists.

Drop me a message and let’s create!