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Brazilian Loops & Percussion • All Stem Loops Included!

This pack is full of Afro Brazilian rhythms, melodies, raw sounds and tons of sampling opportunities. I had an amazing time playing and recording these sounds and I'm positive you will love using them with your production.

This sound pack contains:

-13 original Structured Loop Tracks + STEMS  =  160 stem loops to use and sample from. 

-All 160 stem loops are WAV 16/44 formatting, royalty free, compatible with most DAW and samplers that use WAV format.

-Maschine Ready + chopped up.

-Bonus: "Images & Echoes" 7 track EP  previously released featuring various artists all in WAV 16/44 format. 

Instruments & Sounds Played:

-Berimbau, Pandeiro, Bacurinha, Surdo, Alfaia, Agogo, Coco, RecoReco, Triangulo, Caixa, Caxixi, Tambourin, Rocar, Acoustic Guitar steel/nylon, Bass, Piano, Synth and Drum Machine.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 9.12.53 PM.png

What producers are saying:

"Producers... This kit right here... SMH... Game changer.. If you're in need of some really amazing percussion sounds and loops, this is it."  - !llmind (producer for Kanye West, Drake, JCole, 50Cent)

Thank you for stopping by to check out my first Sound Pack. I'm extremely excited to hear your productions sampled with these sounds.

All purchases are final because digital download cannot be refunded.

*The cuica on track 2 is the only instrument I did not personally played.